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The first Glastonbury Festival was organised by promoter Michael Eavis in 1970. This has spiralled into a massive event, attracting audiences of up to 150,000 and requiring an infrastructure of food, transport, water and electrical supplies similar to a town the size of Swindon. But as each summer's eager festival goers head to similar events, what are the all-time greatest appearances they'll be hoping to see emulated?
Image By: bryanwright5@gmail.comAfter Nirvana released 1991's seminal ‘Nevermind' album, the Seattle grunge rockers lost their way, with rumours of Kurt Cobain's increasing substance abuse. Cobain's sense of irony was acute when he was brought onto the Reading Festival stage on a wheelchair. They band then delivered what many fans considered to be one of Glastonbury's all-time greatest performances.
At the 1994 Glastonbury Festival, headline band Oasis were at their peak. Featuring the original, Definitely Maybe line-up, playing a set of engaging anthems delivered with style and swagger, this motley assortment of Inspiral Carpets roadies and Manchester City fans had suddenly become the world's biggest rock band.
The early noughties revival of garage rock was sealed at Reading's 2002 festival when New York rockers The Strokes were joined on-stage by White Stripes' guitarist Jack White. The sound of deftly catchy rock n' roll and full-on guitars was a pleasant alternative to much of the brain-mulching dance music of the same era.
While Oasis stole most of the thunder during the height of ‘Britpop' during the mid-1990s, it was always Blur who produced the more varied music, experimenting with subsequent albums as opposed to the Gallagher brothers' simple regurgitation. When they reformed to headline Glastonbury in 2009 they delivered such an awesome hit-filled set, the fans realised what they'd been missing.
Against the unlikely setting of a reclaimed toxic waste site, 1990's Spike Island Festival entered musical legend. Headliners Stone Roses lived up to their rapidly growing hype and invented a whole new musical genre. The ‘Madchester' or ‘baggy' sound fused traditional indie rock with House rhythms, creating a massively influential genre.

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